"Solution for Size Reduction, Gradation and Mixing"

Guar Gum Plants

Details of Guar Gum Plants


The plant has been configured and designed in such a way that minimum work force will require. The guar split will be fed in to the pneumatic system to feed in to the turbo screen. The turbo screen is suggested at the high of plant. The screening will be employed for the removal of foreign matter. This screened material will be stored in a storage hopper. The guar splits will fall from the screens by gravity to the storage hopper, which is configured below the screen. From storage hopper material can be taken in to double cone mixer as and when required by gravity for the rehydrating of guar splits.
All the rehydrated guar split will be sent to the hopper of Flakers at a time by gravity. Flakers will crush the guar splits and crushed guar splits will go into the ultrafine grinder at the uniform rate.

Ultrafine grinder is proposed for the grinding of crushed guar splits. This grinder has ability to grind the material without generating too much heat. Material will be fed into the dryer. Oil will be the media to convey the heat and deliver to the air. This hot air will take the material into the dryer line where actual drying will take place. Attached cyclone system will separate the material and hot air. To heat the oil Thermal boiler will be used.

The material will be screened through centrifugal screen. Material passing through the screen will be again screened through turbo screens as additional control. This material will be sold as a premium product. Oversize of the centrifugal screen will be screened through turbo screen to separate another grade in terms of particle size followed by additional screening. The oversize will be screened through another turbo screen to separate another grade. Oversize will be passed through another grinder. The material will be passed through another screen. Oversize will be recycled to the same grinder.
Final material coming out from all the screens will be sent separately by gravity in to the Nauta mixer for the blending and to make a uniform lot. The products will be tested and packed.
The plant can be operated by 2 skill workers in a shift. The loading/unloading and the packing of the final product can be done on contract basis.


Capacity: As per Requirement

  1. Pneumatic System
  2. Split cleaning
  3. Split washer
  4. Double Cone Mixer
  5. Water Tank
  6. Flaker Machine
  7. Flakes Dryer
  8. Ultrafine Pulverizer
  9. Boiler
  10. Heat Exchanger
  11. Pneumatic Flash dryer line
  12. Blower, Cyclone, Dust collector with        accessory
  13. Rotary Siever
  14. Nauta Mixer (Conical Blender)
  15. Misc. Pipe-lines


The indicative process of manufacturing guar gum (Food grade) is as under.
The guar split will be purchased from the guar seed processors. Selection of the split is a critical in the business. Various parameters of split selection have been derived by the client and will be purchased on that basis for the processing. The split will be screened to clean and then will be soaked to rehydrate in a double cone mixer. Rehydrating stage is crucial in the process as it derives the rate of hydration of the final product.

The soaked splits, which has reasonably high moisture content, will be passed through Flakers to take them. This stage helps to reduce the load at the grinder. The soaked splits are difficult to grind and direct grinding of those generates to much heat in the grinder which is not desired in the process as it results in insoluble or reduced hydration of the product.

Both the material will be as a different grade and will be packed separately.
Quality of the guar gum powder-food grade is defined from its particle size, rate of hydration and the microbial in it.